Application Description Price Image
S1 & S2 26B246 & 26B247
Exterior door weatherstrip mounting channel L.H. & R.H: Simplified “L” cross section design, available in polished stainless.
£35.00 per pair  
S1 & S2 26B244 & 26B245
Door trim panel “top capping strip”:
U profile, supplied in pairs, un-plated and uncut (therefore not handed) to accommodate small variations in existing door trim size.
£95 per pair  
S1 & S2 Door arm-rest bracket kit:
Comprises door trim panel to arm-rest bracket + metal support "U" section (goes under vinyl trim, supports vertical wooden backing, door-pull and ash-tray). As original, with zinc and clear passivate finish. Supplied as complete set for L/H and R/H sides (4 items).
S1 & S2 Stainless slotted pan screws, interior door handle to door lock
x 10 (also correct for original tank sender to petrol tank attachment)
(pack of 10)
S1 & S2 Sleeve nut:
Interior handle to lock, (also door lift assembly which attaches to glass on S1) stainless steel
per pair
Interior door handle to door lock screws